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Links to this week’s fun (and serious) news about criminal law and the legal profession!

Whether you need a good laugh or a fresh, in-depth analysis on a hot legal issue, On Point has just the link for you!

New study ranks best jobs in America.  Can you guess where “lawyer” falls?  Hint:  somewhere after maintenance/repair worker.  Click here.

But wait!  See this article:  “Why Are Immigration Lawyers Sooooo Happy?”

Note to criminal defense lawyers:  White House urges low-level, nonviolent drug offenders to apply for clemency.  So does NY’s Deputy AG.  Click here.

“Uppity Bitch Frowns on Using Firm Funds for Strip Club Outings.” Is this how private firms in Texas do business?

New report examines juveniles serving mandatory life sentences without parole.  Here.

Seventh Circuit denies immunity to prosecutor accused of coercing testimony.  This article includes links to the decision.

The Confrontation Clause and the confusion created by Williams v. Illinois.  Read about here.

Have you ever felt like filing a frivolous lawsuit?  There’s an app for that!  Seriously.

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