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Madison Metro. School Dist. v. Circuit Court for Dane County, 2009AP2845-W, review granted 10/27/10

decision below: supervisory writ, not posted on-line

Issue (from Table of Cases):

Whether a circuit court, pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 120.12(18) (school district has a duty to coordinate and provide continuity of educational programming for pupils receiving education services as the result of a court order under § 938.34(7d)) and § 938.45 (court may take certain actions if the district contributed to delinquency of minor) has the authority to craft an order which would override a school district’s prior determination to expel a juvenile under § 120.13(1)(c)1.

The appellate Case Access entry for this case has the following entry for 6/30/10, which may add a bit to the Issue statement:

Judge Panel: Lundsten, Higginbotham, Sherman

Opinion: Memo Opinion

Decision: Supervisory Writ Granted Pages: 12

Order Text: ORD that the writ of prohibition is granted. The challenged order is hereby vacated and the circuit court shall refrain from ordering the school district to provide educational services to a student who has been expelled during a period of expulsion that specifies that no educational services will be provided by the district.

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