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March 2021 publication list

On March 31, 2021, the court of appeals ordered the publication of the following criminal law related opinions:

State v. James A. Jones, 2021 WI App 15 (return of bond on charges that are dismissed and read in at sentencing and for which the court doesn’t order restitution).

State v. Gregory F. Atwater, 2021 WI App 16 (circuit court failed to properly exercise discretion in denying defense request for remote testimony of trial counsel at Machner hearing)

State v. Westley D. Whitaker, 2021 WI App 17 (affirming sentence aimed at deterring Amish from covering up child sexual assault)

State v. Joseph G. Green, 2021 WI App 18 (addressing various issues involving involuntary medication of a defendant being treated to be returned to competency—evidence the State must present to obtain an involuntary medication order, the findings the circuit court must make before ordering involuntary medication, and clarifying the procedures involved in appealing an involuntary medication order).

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