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May 2021 publication list

On May 26, 2021, the court of appeals ordered the publication of the following criminal law related opinions:

State v. Blong Simba Vang, 2021 WI App 28 (search of car of non-student in school parking lot was reasonable)

State v. Kimberly Dale Crone, 2021 WI App 29 (cops may extend traffic stops to ask drivers about their medications)

State v. Kevin M. Jereczek, 2021 WI App 30 (police exceeded scope of consent to search computer)

State v. Scott W. Forrett, 2021 WI App 31 (COA strikes down statute permitting the refusal of warrantless blood tests to count as a prior conviction to enhance OWI penalties)

State v. Richard Michael Arrington, 2021 WI App 32 (use of jailhouse snitch to obtain and record jailed defendant’s statements violated Sixth Amendment right to counsel)

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