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Monday links

Orin Kerr writes about the Supreme Court’s increasing use of subjective rather than objective tests in Fourth Amendment cases, here.

And commentary and discussion about court proceedings during and after Covid-19 continue to appear. For instance:

The Pandemic Juror, by Melanie Wilson at University of Tennessee

Unmuted: Solutions to Safeguard Constitutional Rights in Virtual Courtrooms and How Technology Can Expand Access to Quality Counsel and Transparency in the Criminal Justice System, by Matt Bender at University of Arkansa

Virtual Trials: Necessity, Invention, and the Evolution of the Courtroom, by Susan Bandes of DePaul University and & Neal Feigenson of Quinnipiac University

Finally, Evan Lee at Hastings has posted at Scotusblog about the criminal law decisions of Amy Coney Barrett since she’s been on the 7th Circuit.


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