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Monday madness: links to click-worthy legal news

You know the NYC stop-and-frisk litigation where the Second Circuit sua sponte removed the district court judge.  The plaintiffs have moved for en banc reconsideration.  Read the story and the pleadings here.

Speaking of traffic stops, this one led to 3 enemas, a colonoscopy and a now lawsuit.  Ick.  Click here.

Public defender disbarred for sexually harassing clients.  And just what type of conduct qualifies as “sexual harassment”?  You’ll have to click here to find out.

Appellate lawyers in the audience will love this one.  Know how our appellate courts defer to virtually all trial court sentencing decisions?  Across the pond, British appellate judges review sentencing decisions de novo.  Imagine that.  Read about it here.

Judge Posner reflects on judging.  If you missed the NYT book review, click here.

DA goes to jail for failing to turnover exculpatory evidence.  Read about it here.

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