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Mootness: Revocation, Discharge from Custody

State ex rel. Leroy Riesch v. Schwarz, 2005 WI 11, summary order
For Riesch: Christopher J. Cherella


¶11. Since granting the petition for review in this case, we have determined that the issue presented is moot as to Riesch. “An issue is moot when its resolution will have no practical effect on the underlying controversy.” State ex rel. Olson v. Litscher, 2000 WI App 61, ¶3, 233 Wis. 2d 685, 608 N.W.2d 425. Riesch’s issue satisfies this definition because he has been discharged from the conviction underlying his parole revocation, and that revocation did not delay the start of the probationary term he is now serving.¶12. Appellate courts generally decline to consider moot issues but may do so under certain circumstances. State v. Morford, 2004 WI 5, ¶7, 268 Wis. 2d 300, 674 N.W.2d 349. For example, this court has held that it may decide an otherwise moot issue if it is of great public importance or arises frequently enough to warrant a definitive decision to guide the circuit courts. Id. (citing In re John Doe Proceeding, 2003 WI 30, ¶19, 260 Wis. 2d 653, 660 N.W.2d 260). In this case, the issue presented falls within these exceptions, and therefore, we reach its merits.


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