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Name Change, Judgment of Conviction

State v. John D. Tiggs, Jr., 2002 WI App 181


¶9. We agree with Tiggs that once he has changed his legal name, he has a positive right to be called by that name. But he may also, by conduct, forfeit that right. If he calls himself by some other name, he has announced to the world that he goes by that other name and others then have the right not only to call him by that other name, but to create and file documents under that name. Tiggs had the initial control after the name change to dictate what name he was going to be called, but he relinquished that control. He cannot now assert control on a haphazard basis whenever he wants to and assume that every entity must accede to his wishes. As the trial court properly noted, to rule for Tiggs would be to allow him an avenue to manipulate the criminal justice system at his will. That cannot be allowed or condoned.


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