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On Point is back!

Dear Readers:

Thank you for your patience while we’ve updated On Point. It may seem that we’ve simply changed our look. After all, we’re sporting a new banner and tons of photos of folks explaining why we need public defenders. (Take a look. Their answers are truly inspiring!)

But our real task was to modernize On Point. It has new software, more RAM, and lots of additional features. It automatically adjusts to the size of the screen you are using to read it–whether that’s a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.  That means you can read and search On Point in the courthouse.  You can also share posts on Facebook, Linked In or Twitter. In fact, if you prefer to receive your news feed on Facebook or Twitter, you can follow On Point that way. (See the “follow us” buttons in the upper left corner.)  And if you were frustrated by our Archive page, we’ve attempted to fix those problems.

What hasn’t changed is the content. During our hiatus, star writer, Jefren Olsen, continued analyzing appellate decisions. There are more than 50 new posts–including some about important 7th Circuit decisions. They’re all waiting for you here.

On Point was developed, and is maintained, by lawyers who have no IT training. Given all of its new features, we’re pretty sure it still has some bugs. When you find them, please email us so we can look into them.  Thanks for being patient. We hope you like the new On Point!

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  • Marla Stephens September 10, 2015, 10:04 am

    You’ve done another amazing job. Thank you Colleen and Jefren and anybody else who had a hand in this (and I know there were many). And thank you for the home page photo. Never forget.

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