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Plea Agreements — Partial Withdrawal: Repudiation of Entire Bargain<

State v. Corey D. Williams, 2003 WI App 116
For Williams: Michael J. Edmonds


¶21. As a final matter, we address the effect of Williams’s plea withdrawal on further proceedings in the circuit court. It is well-settled that “repudiation of a portion of the plea agreement constitutes a repudiation of the entire plea agreement.” State v. Lange, 2003 WI App 2, ¶32, ___ Wis. 2d ___, 656 N.W.2d 480; State v. Briggs, 218 Wis. 2d 61, 72-73, 579 N.W.2d 783, 788 (Ct. App. 1998). The remedy for such repudiation is the reinstatement of the original charges against the accused, restoring the parties to their positions prior to the negotiated agreement. Lange, 656 N.W.2d 480, ¶32; Briggs, 218 Wis. 2d at 73-74, 579 N.W.2d at 789. Here, consistent with the plea agreement, the State amended the information to reduce the original count of possession of 57.4 grams of cocaine to 15-40 grams of cocaine and dismissed the delivery of cocaine charge. In exchange, Williams pled guilty to possession of THC with intent to deliver and possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. Because Williams has been successful in his motion to withdraw his pleas, he has repudiated the plea agreement. Therefore, we vacate it and direct the circuit court to reinstate all of the original charges against Williams.

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