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Presentence Report – Right to Counsel

State v. Donald W. Thexton, 2007 WI App 11, PFR filed 1/02/07
For Thexton: Kirk B. Obear

Issue/Holding: The agent’s use of a prior PSI during the interview of defendant for the current case did not trigger any additional right to counsel:

¶10      Thexton further argues that his right to counsel was violated because he was unable to consult with his attorney regarding the use of the prior PSI during the interview. Thexton relies upon State v. Knapp, 111 Wis. 2d 380, 330 N.W.2d 242 (Ct. App. 1983). In that case, we rejected the argument that a defendant had the right to have an attorney present at a presentence interview. Id. at 381. We noted, however, that there are other safeguards for a defendant with regard to the presentence investigation, including the right to consult with counsel before a presentence interview and the right to have counsel dispute information contained in the report. Id. at 385. Thexton does not allege that he was prevented from consulting with counsel before the investigation. Instead, he seems to be claiming that he had a right to consult with counsel before any questions relating to his prior PSI. We disagree. The right to consultation with counsel before a presentence interview does not include a right to be apprised of all lines of questioning before the interview occurs. The other safeguards noted in Knapp, including the right to dispute information in the report, adequately protect a defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights, and Thexton’s counsel did in fact vigorously and meticulously challenge the information and conclusions in the PSI at the sentencing hearing.


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