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Court of Appeals Publication Orders 5/10

publication orders, 5/26/10

2008AP003192 2010 WI App 63 Charles F. Reuben, M.D. v. Keith D. Koppen

2008AP003235 2010 WI App 64 Curt Andersen v. Department of Natural Resources

2009AP000094 2010 WI App 65 Claudia D. Stumpner v. Charles C. Cutting, Jr.

2009AP000747 2010 WI App 66 Kalvin Loppnow v. Steven Bielik

2009AP001576 2010 WI App 67 Chad Novell v. Anthony Migliaccio

2009AP001669 2010 WI App 68 Roger H. Fischer, Sr. v. Pamela A. Steffen

2009AP001684 CR 2010 WI App 69 State v. Kyle Lee Huggett

2009AP001864 CR 2010 WI App 70 State v. Carl Ralph Eichorn

Before Brown, Chm., Fine, Anderson, Brunner, and Dykman, JJ., Publication Committee.

The court having filed its opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals and the court having concluded pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 809.23 that the opinions should be published,
IT IS ORDERED that the opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals be published in the official reports.

Dated: 05-26-2010

By the Court


David R. Schanker
Clerk of Court of Appeals
David R. Schanker


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