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Reminder: If your client, successor counsel, or (heaven forbid) OLR knocks, answer!

OLR v. Kovac, 2020 WI 58, 6/23/2020, per curiam; case activity 

“Attorney Kovac’s habit of procrastination and dilatory practices continue,” says SCOW. So it has again suspended his license to practice law in Wisconsin for 5 months, concurrent to another 5-month suspension. Plus he must pay the full costs of his OLR proceeding. In one case, Kovac failed to respond to successor counsel’s requests for the client file and failed to file a timely response to a client’s grievance. In another, he failed provide the client with his file after the termination of representation, failed to respond to a grievance, and “willfully” failed to respond to OLR’s request for information. Don’t do that!

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