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SCOTUS Goes Live! (And it’s about time.)

Courtesy of Garrett Epps, writing at The Atlantic, “A Citizen’s Guide to SCOTUS Live”:

America’s typical amusements—March Madness, the NBA playoffs, Major League Baseball Opening Day, the U.S. Open, the Masters—have suddenly disappeared. Just in time, though, a new Big League debuts tomorrow [May 4], offering a welcome spectacle of bare-knuckle combat, vicious competition, taunts, and trash talk.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will return on May 9. Until then, the United States Supreme Court is the only show in town.

Read the entire piece here.

Over at the Gray Lady, Adam Liptak explains how “revolutionary” it is for the Court to do live broadcasts of oral argument. Perhaps, as someone said, it is not difficult to be a revolutionary when revolution has already broken out and is in spate. But if Covid-19 spurs more such salutary changes to the legal system, then we should take the good where we can find it.

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