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SCOW, The Boss, and Justice Hagedorn

SCOWstats recently posted a three-part analysis of the 2019-2020 term. The first post noted the plunge in SCOW’s output this year. It issued only 45 opinions. The record low is 43. Indeed, since 1971 the number of opinions is, à la a certain Bruce Springsteen refrain, going down, down, down down. Then there’s this shocker: Justice Hagedorn actually voted with Justices A.W. Bradley and Dallet more often than he did with R.G. Bradley! Will this trend continue now that Karofsky is in and Kelly is out?

The second post, per usual, tallies the number of split decisions, frequency of justices in the majority,  the number of arguments by firms and agencies, etc., etc.

The third post focuses on fractured opinions and the length of opinions. Fractures are up. Length of opinions is too this year, but over all length is trending down, down, down (thank heavens).


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