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SPD is winning in SCOW fantasy league!

Pretty much the only way you’ll see the terms “SPD,” “SCOW,” and any form of the verb “win” in the same sentence is if that sentence also includes the word “fantasy.” 🙂 Believe it or not, SCOW’s bitter decision last week in St. Croix County DHHS v. Michael D. allowed the State Public Defender to claim the lead in SCOWstats.com’s law firm fantasy league. Click here. Each team in the league consists of multiple law firms, except that the SPD is its own team: the Gavels. (Seriously?) Teams score a certain number of points for writing a brief, giving oral argument, and/or winning a case in SCOW. While the SPD deserves to win many SCOW cases, it racks up its points for briefs and oral arguments. For more about SCOWstats.com’s fantasy league click here. Will the SPD retain its lead? On Point will check back at the end of the term.

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