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State v. Dimitrius Anagnos, 2011 WI App 118, rev. granted 1/25/12

on review of published opinion; for Anagnos: Barry S. Cohen; case activity; prior post

Traffic Stop – Reasonable Suspicion – OWI Refusal Hearing Challenge to Arrest

Issues (composed by On Point): 

1. Whether the officer could lawfully stop Anagnos’ vehicle for failing to use a turn signal where neither traffic nor pedestrians were present, § 346.34(1)(b).

2. Whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to stop Anagnos’ vehicle for: traversing a median, accelerating at a high rate up to a stop light, and turning at a highway intersection without using a turn signal.

3. Whether reasonable suspicion for the stop is properly a matter for consideration at the refusal hearing.

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