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State v. Katherine S. Lonski, No. 2009AP1966-CR, District I, 4/27/10

court of appeals decision (3-judge; not recommended for publication); for Lonski: Basil M. Loeb; BiC; Resp.

Lonski’s claim of self-defense (that she was protecting herself from “unlawful” use of force by a uniformed officer) was rejected as not credible by the trial court in a bench trial, and that credibility determination wasn’t clearly erroneous.

Jury Waiver
Lonski’s jury waiver was adequately canvassed, the court of appeals stressing her failure to so much as allege she lacked understanding of some necessary component, or to bring a postconviction motion challenging waiver.

Why this opinion wasn’t released as a per curiam, let alone a summary order, is hard to imagine. But as a signed opinion it can be cited — which is the only reason you see it here.

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