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State v. Leilani E. Neumann, 2011AP1105-CR / State v. Dale R. Neumann, 2011AP1044-CR, rev. granted 6/13/12

on review of certification request; for Leilani Neumann: Byron C. Lichstein; case activity; for Dale Neumann: Stephen L. Miller; case activity

Reckless Homicide and “Faith Healing” as Substitute for Medical Treatment 

Issues (Composed by On Point): 

1. Whether the “faith healing” defense in § 948.03(6) is limited to prosecutions for child abuse or extends to reckless homicide, § 940.06(1).

2. Whether the interplay of this defense with reckless homicide for failing to obtain medical treatment deprived the Neumanns of sufficient notice as to when parental choice of prayer treatment became illegal.

3. Whether (assuming the defense applicable to a homicide prosecution) the instructions adequately conveyed the faith healing (or, prayer treatment) defense.

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