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SVP Commitments – Discharge Petition – Review by Circuit Court, § 980.09 (2005-06) – Generally

State v. Daniel Arends, 2008 WI App 184, PFR granted 2/10/09
For Arends: Leonard D. Kachinsky


¶14      Unlike the previous statutory provision, the current Wis. Stat. § 980.09 does not distinguish between petitions made with or without the approval of the DHFS secretary. Furthermore, a discharge petition no longer automatically triggers a probable cause hearing. Rather, the circuit court may review the petition without a hearing, or it may choose to hold a hearing, to determine whether a “court or jury may conclude the person’s condition has changed since the date of his or her initial commitment order so that the person does not meet the criteria for commitment as a sexually violent person.”  Sec. 980.09(1). If the court determines that a “court or jury could conclude” the person’s condition has changed, it must order an evidentiary hearing. Sec. 980.09(2). …


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