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SVP – Postdisposition – Discharge Procedure – Right to full evidentiary hearing after “paper review”

State v. Glenn Allen Thayer, 2001 WI App 51, 241 Wis. 2d 417, 626 N.W.2d 811
For Thayer: Jane K. Smith

Issue: Whether the patient was entitled to a full evidentiary hearing on release following the reexamination probable cause “paper review.”


¶26 A full evidentiary hearing was unwarranted. The only evidence before the trial court indicated that the grounds for Thayer’s original WIS. STAT. ch. 980 commitment remained current and relevant, that Thayer continued to display dangerous and sexually inappropriate behavior while involved in treatment programs, that he still had important treatment issues to address and that he was still likely to engage in future sexual violence. The report did not present any facts that would warrant a full evidentiary hearing pursuant to WIS. STAT. § 980.09(2)(b).

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