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That ChatBot AI thingee might not make your job easier (or take it away completely) after all….

A word to the wise: When you have ChatGPT write a brief for you, and in response to your query it tells you that the cases it is citing “are real and can be found in reputable legal databases,” don’t trust it without verification. So a New York lawyer has learned to his chagrin (and possibly worse than that). The story is covered here and here.

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  • Michael Cicchini May 30, 2023, 10:17 am

    In my experience, the chat bot has failed to get anything right — it can’t even match articles with their author, and it often contradicts itself on major points. It might get there one day, but it’s not even close yet. This is surprising given than “news” outlets can’t stop writing about A.I.

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