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The Plotkin Analysis: SPD 2013-2015 budget request

On September 17, state agency budget requests for the 2013-2015 biennium were submitted to the Department of Administration for review prior to the introduction of the budget bill by the Governor in February 2013.  While not all agency proposals will be included in the Governor’s budget, the requests give an indication of agency priorities during the next legislative session.

 Following is a quick summary of selected items from our budget request:

  • Full-funding of pay progression for ASPD staff. In addition, statutory “just cause” protection for ASPD staff.
  • Increase PB reimbursement rate to $50 per hour, starting with cases appointed after July 1, 2014. In addition, funding to mitigate the expected PB appropriation shortfall which results in a delay in reimbursements.
  • Additional positions for regional officer administrators, fiscal and human resources staffing.
  • Funding and staffing for IT modernization projects.
  • Protective service classification for investigator and client services staff.
  • Additional funding for transcripts, discovery, and experts.

Selected items from budgets of other agencies which may have an impact on the SPD and our clients

  • Creation of a $150 charger to apply for transfer of supervision outside Wisconsin (Department of Corrections)
  • Creation of the statutory framework for AAG pay progression (Department of Justice)
  • DNA at arrest as well as a DNA surcharge (Department of Justice)
  • Additional funding and staffing for the Internet Crimes Against Children task force (Department of Justice)
  • Full-funding of pay progression for ADA staff (District Attorneys)
  • Additional ADA staffing of 45.75 FTE (District Attorneys)
  • Additional funding and staffing to reduce the turnaround time on OWI blood tests via the State Hygiene Laboratory (UW System)


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