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Theft of Identity, § 943.201(2) — Continuing Offense

State v. Alfredo Ramirez, 2001 WI App 158, PFR filed 7/11/01
For Ramirez: Elizabeth A. Cavendish-Sosinski

Issue: Whether § 943.201(2) creates a continuing offense such that, as applied to Ramirez, it did not violate the ex post facto clause even though the statute was promulgated after he commenced the activity that formed the basis for the charge.


¶18. We hold that Ramirez obtained money in the form of wages, not merely the opportunity for employment, as the result of his unauthorized use of Wulfenstein’s personal identifying information. We also hold that Wis. Stat. § 943.201(2) creates a continuing offense. Since Ramirez’s identity theft allowed him to obtain wages after the effective date of the statute, we hold that the application of the statute did not violate the ex post facto provisions of the Wisconsin Constitution.

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