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TPR – Appellate Procedure — State’s Appeal, Commenced by GAL

State v. Lamont D., 2005 WI App 264

Issue/Holding:¶1 n. 4:

Lamont argues that this court does not have jurisdiction over this matter because the guardian ad litem filed the notice of appeal and the State simply joined in the appeal instead of the other way around. We reject Lamont’s contention.  WISCONSIN STAT. § 48.235(7) plainly states that the guardian ad litem “may appeal, may participate in an appeal or may do neither.” This clearly authorizes the guardian ad litem to file a notice of appeal. When the guardian ad litem has appealed, the State is obligated to participate as a representative of the public interest in certain circumstances. Lamont has not provided, nor can we find, anything which requires the State to file a separate notice of appeal, when the guardian ad litem has already done so, and the State’s interests are aligned with those of the guardian ad litem.

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