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TPR — disposition; exercise of discretion

State v. La’Drea L., 2012AP1984 and State v. Ricky B., 2012AP2027, District 1, 2/20/13; consolidated court of appeals decision (1-judge, ineligible for publication); case activity: LaDrea L.; Ricky B.

The circuit court properly exercised its discretion when it determined termination was in the children’s best interests because it considered all of the statutory factors under Wis. Stat. § 48.426(3). The circuit court “did not say the precise words” of, or “expressly invoke[]” or “explicitly state” some of the factors. (¶¶19, 23, 27). Nonetheless, in a fact-intensive review of the trial court’s termination decision, the court of appeals concludes “[t]he record shows that the trial court properly applied the best-interests-of-the-child standard and, in doing so, properly considered the Wis. Stat. § 48.426(3) factors.” (¶28).

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