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Waiting on SCOW

The end of the term is near, and SCOW still has 24 decisions to issue. On Point is tracking 8 of those, and they involve some significant criminal law issues.

State v. Loomis: use of COMPAS at sentencing.

State v. Jackson: application of the inevitable discovery doctrine.

State v. Lynch: should SCOW overrule Shiffra/Greene?

State v. Finley: remedy when defendant pleads based on misinformation of the maximum penalty

Singh v. Kemper: whether retroactive application of the law that repealed early release violates ex post facto clause.

State v. McKellips: use of cell phone to facilitate child sex crime

State v. Salas Gayton: whether a defendant may be sentenced more harshly because he is an “illegal alien.”

City of Eau Claire v. Booth: effect of unknown, out-of-state OWI conviction on jurisdiction over OWI first.

Expect decisions on these issues soon. On Point will keep you “posted.”

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