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Warrants – Good-faith Exception – Reliance on Judge-made Law

State v. Lisa Orta and Ricardo Ruiz, 2000 WI 4, 231 Wis.2d 782, 604 N.W.2d 543, reversing unpublished decision
For Orta: Mark F. Nielsen, Schwartz, Tifte & Nielsen
For Ruiz: Michael P. Reisterer, Jr.
For amici (SPD & WACDL): Mary E. Waitrovich, SPD, Madison Appellate, & Howard B. Eisenberg

Issue: Whether the exclusionary rule applies where the police rely on judge-made law that automatically countenanced all no-knock entries to search for drugs and that law was subsequently overturned.

Holding: Police action in good faith reliance on supreme court pronouncements of the supreme court insulate that conduct from the exclusionary rule, “(f)or the reasons set forth in Ward.” ¶2.


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