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Note to lawyers filing EMERGENCY motions for jury trials

On March 22, 2020, SCOW issued an order providing that effective immediately through May 22nd, all civil and criminal trials would be rescheduled to a date after May 22. It further ordered that circuit courts and parties could file an “EMERGENCY motion” seeking an exception to that order. Click here.  When filing these motions, please be careful to follow correct procedure, explained further here.

If you want SCOW to make an exception to the March 22nd order suspending jury trials for your client’s particular case, please simply file an EMERGENCY motion in your case, cite that order, and explain why your client requires and exception to that order.

Please do NOT file a Motion for Modification of Rules and/or Procedures Due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here. This type of motion was meant for litigants who want SCOW to enact temporary procedures like halting evictions during the pandemic. It should not be used to seek relief in individual cases.  In fact, the third line of the order reads: “This Procedure Does Not Apply to Filings in Pending Cases.” Plus this order requires the movant to address many matters that would be irrelevant to an emergency motion seeking relief for an individual client.

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