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March 2020 publication list

Though we’re a little late in reporting it (we blame Covid-19), on March 26, 2020, the court of appeals ordered publication of the following criminal law related decisions:

State v. A.A., 2020 WI App 11 (sanction for violation of juvenile disposition order is limited to 10 calendar days)

Demonta Antonio Hall v. Wisconsin Department of Justice, 2020 WI App 12 (rejected DoJ’s crabbed interpretation of § 165.84, regarding expungement of arrest records)

State v. Thomas Michael Barrett, 2020 WI App 13 (ban on firearm silencers is constitutional)

State v. Angel Mercado, 2020 WI App 14 (circuit court erred in admitting videotaped child statements under § 908.08)

State v. Ryan C. Diehl, 2020 WI App 16 (new trial ordered due to improper admission of evidence suggesting defendant was repeat drunk driver)

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