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Sentence Modification/Review – New Factor, Extended Supervision – Reduction in Restitution

State v. Tony G. Longmire, 2004 WI App 90
For Longmire: Charles B. Vetzner, SPD, Madison Appellate


¶47. Finally, we acknowledge (and the State does not dispute) that the amount of restitution the court ordered Longmire to pay played a significant role in the court’s determination of the length of extended supervision it ordered. We have directed that the restitution amount be reduced from $34,985 to $27,252. We conclude that this twenty-two percent reduction in restitution constitutes a new factor given the prominent role the restitution amount played in the court’s sentencing decision. We therefore direct that on remand Longmire may renew his motion for a reduction in the term of his extended supervision on the basis of this new factor. Because the trial court may or may not conclude that the reduction in restitution we have ordered warrants a modification, and because this factor was not present when the court entered the appealed judgment and order, we will not vacate Longmire’s present sentence or reverse the postconviction order denying sentence modification.

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