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Tuberculosis Treatment Commitment, § 252.07 – Confinement: Consideration of Costs

City of Milwaukee v. Ruby Washington, 2007 WI 104, affirming 2006 WI App 99
For Washington: Wm. Tyroler, SPD, Milwaukee Appellate; Karl Otto Rohlich, SPD, Milwaukee Mental Health
Amicus: Colleen Ball, ACLU


¶53      We conclude that a circuit court may take into account cost when determining place of confinement under Wis. Stat. § 252.07(9). A court must first determine that the place of confinement is a facility where proper care and treatment will be provided, spread of the disease will be prevented, and that no less restrictive alternative to the proposed placement exists. Once the court has engaged in this analysis, and two or more placement options remain, a court may consider cost as a factor in making its determination. A party requesting that a court take into account the cost of various placements must offer some proof to support its assertions for the court to consider cost as a factor in placement.

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